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Project Objective:

The objective of the Cicle project is to encourage the proper disposal of household waste and generate extra income for users through the application. The project also aims to contribute to resource savings and minimize environmental impacts.

Cicle is a positive impact startup that seeks to solve social and environmental problems through innovation and technology. The project was developed as a conclusion work of the third year of high school integrated with technical studies at FIAP School, by a group of students passionate about technology and concerned with environmental and social issues.

Project Goals:

The project goals include:

  • Develop an application that allows users to register their household waste, including information about the type of material, quantity, and location;
  • Facilitate the collection process of these wastes through partnerships with companies specialized in selective collection;
  • Transform these wastes into raw materials and market them to other companies that need these materials, generating income for users;
  • Disseminate the importance of proper waste disposal and its benefits for the environment.

The project aims to change people's relationship with their waste, showing that it is possible to turn trash into a resource and generate economic and social value for the community. In addition, the project seeks to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and encourage recycling and reuse of materials.


The Cicle application allows users to register their household waste and choose a partner company for collection. The wastes are weighed, and the amount to be paid is automatically calculated by the application, based on the quantity and type of material. Users can follow the entire process, from waste registration to income generation. In addition, the application provides information on the proper disposal of each type of material and tips for reducing waste generation.

The project is sustainable and generates economic and environmental benefits for all parties involved. Users can earn money from the proper disposal of their waste, and partner companies can reduce their raw material costs and contribute to environmental preservation. In addition, society as a whole benefits from the reduction of waste sent to landfills and from the promotion of sustainability and environmental awareness.