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About the project

FreePlay is a collection of free games so you don't waste time choosing what to play. This collection was made especially for you, so you can have fun without paying a single cent!


The goal of the FreePlay project is to create a collection of free games for users to enjoy without having to pay. In addition, the project also aims to practice the main features of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, such as API request and manipulation, DOM, responsiveness, and array methods.

Project features

The FreePlay project has two main features: searching for games and filtering games by category and platform. The search feature allows users to find specific games by typing keywords in the search bar. The filter feature, on the other hand, allows users to filter the list of games according to category (e.g. action, adventure, sports) and platform (e.g. PC, PlayStation, Xbox). This helps users find the games that best fit their interests and devices.