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About the project

Petfood is an e-commerce website focused on products for animals. We provide specialized product lines such as organic kitchen, natural ration for small batch groups, and a wide selection of treats for dogs and cats.

The goal of this project was to improve knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with special attention to the use of the DOM (Document Object Model). The DOM allows manipulation of HTML document elements through code, which is essential for creating dynamic and interactive websites. In addition, this project also involved the practice of responsiveness, that is, the ability of a site to adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

Another area of focus was the use of array methods in JavaScript, such as filter, map and reduce. These methods are pre-defined functions that make it easier to manipulate arrays, allowing, for example, to filter elements, transform them or reduce them to a single information.

Finally, the project also included the practice of JSON, a JavaScript object notation that facilitates the exchange of data between systems. With the use of JSON, it is possible to represent information in a structured and readable way for both machines and humans, making it easier to integrate different systems and platforms.